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Senior Full Stack Developer


Senior Full Stack Developer

About the job

If you're looking for an exciting remote position as a Senior Full Stack developer, look no further! If you are an experienced Full Stack with experience in React for the front end and Node.js for the back end, we have a position for you! Apply now and join a cool place to work with a fully remote option and numerous benefits!


What you get from us

We believe happiness results from focusing on your well-being and creating an environment that will help you thrive. DNAMIC is committed to supporting our community professionally and personally as we encourage everyone to grow and reach their best and a life they love!


The value you bring

You will add experience and adaptability to projects. Bring in drive, guidance, and a creative and critical perspective that will support our team to work towards the best results.


Experience, skills, and technologies

Our Senior Full Stack developer must be thoroughly versed in modern application programming languages, web development languages, and state management solutions. Problem-solving thinking, attention to detail, and communication skills. Also, our Full Stack develops high-performance applications by writing testable, reusable, and efficient code.


  • • Degree in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent applicable, proven experience
  • • Proficiency in modern application programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • • 5+ years of experience in React for front-end development and Node.js for back-end development.
  • • Mastery of backend web stacks, libraries, and frameworks such as AWS and GraphQL (specifically using Apollo as the client library).
  • • Experience with AWS services, including but not limited to AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, and AWS Kubernetes (EKS).
  • • Familiarity with serverless architecture.
  • • Proficiency in database systems such as Postgres and DynamoDB.
  • • Experience with refactoring systems into smaller isolated components.
  • • Building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines.


  • • eCommerce
  • • Shopify

English required: 80% or B2+

If you excel in your craft we can't wait to see your skills in action. Apply now!


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